Making history … come alive – Levy Custom Homes receives Oak Park’s Historic Preservation Awards for 2015

Jane Levy of Levy Custom Homes, worked with homeowners of a Victorian home on Elmwood to bring the house back to its historic aesthetic. Much of the interior of the building had been destroyed in a fire in the 1990s, leaving the house structurally unsound. The homeowners asked her to repair the damage and restore [...]

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Female owners of homebuilding companies remain a rarity in the field.

A flair for building. Jane Levy, president and owner of River Forest-based Levy Custom Homes, is also an industry veteran. She once thought she'd become a doctor, but an eye for reading blueprints and a knack for household mechanics soon had her on a different track. When she launched her company in 1998, her goal [...]

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Gourmet kitchens: At home on the range

All the right ingredients for cooking, entertaining December 09, 2011 |By Kari Richardson, Special to the Tribune Family rooms are fine and dandy. And there's nothing wrong with a well-planned master bath or a finished basement. The right dining room can be divine. But if you want to get the pulse of a new-home buyer [...]

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Levy in tune with buyers’ needs

February 13, 2009 | By Leslie Mann, Special to the Tribune Growing up in Freeport, Ill., Jane Levy spent her allowance on two things, she recalls: "Seventeen magazine, for the girl side of me, and floor plan books, for the future builder in me." Decades later, Levy has outgrown fashion magazines but not her [...]

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Fit for a king – A River Forest Tudor is transformed by an award-winning makeover

By LIZ JAROS When 1326 William St. in River Forest came on the market in 2004, its listing sheet urged potential buyers to "bring decorating ideas." Enticed by the home's old world facade and hooked by its rock solid construction, home builder Jane Levy soon found herself parked in the driveway with truckloads of them. [...]

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